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2nd July 2018 – sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint is a hot topic. If you’re building or simply replacing your floors, read my article on sustainable flooring solutions from Carpet Court.


27th June 2018 – healthy teeth are an issue for many older Australians. My article about an innovative dental implant technique performed by the Malo Clinic may be the answer.


21st June 2018 – the following article written for Real First Aid provides tips on how to equip yourself to deal with a workplace emergency.


30th MAY 2018 – 10 tips for a good night’s sleep written for Spotlight NZ from first hand experience. In fact, I probably wrote that at 4 o’clock in the morning!


30th MAY 2018 – an article for Mortgage House with tips on how to buy your first home – something that is becoming harder to do for young people.


4th OCTOBER 2017 – An article for Along the Grapevine about the spread of Grow Free throughout the Adelaide Hills.


9th SEPTEMBER 2017 – There are some people in this world who really make a difference. Read about Andrew Barker’s fresh food-sharing vision in SA Weekend.


13th JULY 2017 – Worldwide obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Read my article written for Open Universities Australia on ways the issue can be tackled.


4th JULY 2017 – My article on co-parenting for LIFT, an online magazine for single mums, can be found by subscribers on page 40. This is an excellent magazine published quarterly and well worth the small subscription fee.


22nd JUNE 2017 – I was excited to be asked to write about J-Ball for Hockey Australia. Read about this fun new way to get fit and be social.


19th MAY 2017 – Our kids get more than just physical benefits from trying a new sport. Read my article on Kidspot to see what they can gain from shutting down those screens and getting out onto a sportsfield.


3rd APRIL 2017 – What should drive your decision when choosing what to study at university? Explore this with Open Universities Australia.


25th NOVEMBER 2016 – Did you know our kids are the key to eliminating domestic violence? Check out Kidspot to find out more.


19th NOVEMBER 2016 – Read Glyn Scott’s account in SA Weekend of an upbringing filled with sexual abuse and domestic violence and how she’s fighting to save others from the same experience.


OCTOBER 2016 – The Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation’s inaugural Butterfly Walk takes place in Mount Barker on October 9th, raising funds for victims of domestic violence. I cover the story for Along The Grapevine.


26th SEPTEMBER 2016 – When one parent takes the other to court over child custody issues, it can be a very costly experience. But armed with the right resources, it is possible to represent yourself. See how on Kidspot.


AUGUST 2016 – Equal shared care is becoming common within separated families. But is it really the best thing for our kids? Read more on Kidspot.


8th AUGUST 2016 – It’s National Student Volunteering Week.  See my article in Kidspot magazine to read about how volunteering is good for your kids.


1st JUNE 2016 – The following article was published by Along The Grapevine, an Adelaide hills publication, regarding the exciting news of RecFish SA’s success in stocking the Warren Reservoir with native fish bringing benefits to recreational fishermen, local tourism and long term water quality.

There’s Something Fishy About The Warren Reservoir