Review of Have A Go, Henry! by David Witt, Sydney’s Child magazine, May 2012.

‘Have a go, Henry!’ is a nine year old boy who wants to be a ‘Hooray Henry’ but when it comes to
sport he is more of a ‘Hopeless Henry’. Henry’s older sister Suzy is a champion athlete, especially at
netball, and while Henry isn’t jealous of her, he feels the need to make his own mark in the world.
But each time Henry tries a sport it ends in disaster and he begins to wonder if there is ever going to
be anything he’s good at – until, when he least expects it, he discovers there is.

This short chapter novel is a light-hearted, positive text for early readers. Henry is a likeable,
enthusiastic character and his relationship with his Grandma, who always has words of
encouragement, is touching and funny.

The book has strong themes about having a go and looking
for opportunities to excel, but the author’s lightness of touch prevents it from becoming schmaltzy
or heavy-handed. Recommended for ages 7 to 10 years. DW